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With decades of experience and the youngest feel in Europe, we provide full service to our clients.
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As well capitalised member of the W-NEW group we know and we take in that the professionalism and engagement of our colleagues is the key to success.

Goals with success in mind.

With our successful business strategy, we create value for our clients and employees. We can be successful only if our costumers and colleagues are successful too. Our firm wants to take part in this approach in the times ahead of us and ensure that we meet these goals.

Progress with responsibility

The social and environmental responsibility at Supernova Intertrans is a fundamental principle which sets a direction for our growth. This is the primary consideration when it comes to purchasing new vehicles, expansions or the development of our colleagues.

Clients in the focus

We believe that the size of your company makes us capable of quick adaptation to any requirement set by our clients while keeping the main focus on the importance of serving our customers.

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